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Breathwork. Mindfulness. Meditation.

*Valid through Mar 25th, 2021.

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Unlimited Meditation & Breathwork

Enhance Focus. Manage Stress. Handle Uncertainty.
$ 39
  • 25-min Meditation + Breathwork classes: Unlimited
  •  60-min Meditation + Movement classes: 1 per week

Mindfulness Design

Elevate your Focus. Energize. Design Mindfulness.
$ 95
  • 25-min Meditation + Breathwork classes: Unlimited
  • 60-min Meditation + Movement classes: 2 per week
  • 60-min Mindfulness Design workshops: 1 per week

How It Works

• All classes are online in Real-Time through our platform
• 2-way communication transmissions
• Feedback, corrections and orientation during the classes
• Interactive classes
• Class duration: 25 and 55 minutes
• Workshop duration: 55 minutes

Unlimited interactive real-time classes and workshops

Our platform allows the teacher to correct and guide each user, and the user to ask questions in real-time.

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“According to Fernanda Neis and Gustavo Oliveira experts at the DeRose Meditation”

“Manage emotions during stressful situations by breathing correctly…”

“Meditation is a state of awareness and lucidity…”

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