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Magnus Ekstrand
Magnus EkstrandManager
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I applied for this DeRose Program because I wanted to understand how my performance could improve by being more mentally aware. I sometimes felt getting nervous when having to make an important presentation and getting out of breath when delivering a speech, for example. From these sessions, I have learnt how my fitness level affects my emotional level and subsequently my ability to concentrate and perform better. I have learnt to take control of my breathing and although I still have more training to do, it has shown beneficial already. I have exercises that I do with more and more ease and also with more and more pleasure. The experience I have got from this is not only applicable for the job, but I have also been able to apply it on sports events. I’m a racket sports player and I know how important it is to get that extra piece of concentration in when really needed.
Monique Garraud
Monique GarraudScientist and Entrepreneur
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My father always told me you are a sum of those who surround yourself with. Ever since I began training the DeRose Method, my focus, discipline and energy have increased substantially. This has allowed me to start my business with more ease and clarity. I feel grateful for helping me to achieve one of the biggest goals in my life: I become an entrepreneur and I owe a science company.
Roy Geerts
Roy GeertsEx World Champion Formule Renault
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DeRose Method is part of my life. It is the way in which I approach my challenges and it also gives me the tools to reach my highest performance. DeRose Method has helped me to increase my awareness of the present in the moment to be a better race driver. It has allowed to manage myself, my body and my emotions as well as the pressure of the team of sponsors. Starting the DeRose Method was one the most important decisions of my life. It has allowed me to truly define my goals and achieve my maximum potential in my car driver career. I feel it will help me to be the best person I can be. In the end, it doesn't matter how long you live, it's about how you live.
Mona Sahlabadi
Mona SahlabadiEntrepreneur
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They say good things come to those who waits. Well give it time and along with regular practice, you'll be amazed to see the profound internal change this method ignites in you. Then, observe the impact it has on your life, from the quality of your personal relationships to how you manage your thoughts and emotions, not to mention the obvious improvement in your health and fitness. I have never expected such a holistic outcome and this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's a journey well worth taking, if only you dare.
Jaime Alguersuari
Jaime AlguersuariMusic Producer and Former F1 car driver
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At the moment, training the DeRose Method is a way of stopping time and space, slowing down the pace of my life and concentrate on the best tool I have to make things happen in my life, my mind and my body. Through the application of the Method, I can start to control my outer and inner me and therefore developing a strong shell that makes me feel capable to achieve any goal in life.

“Eighteen months I’ve been doing this column. Eighteen harrowing months of treadmills, shouty knuckle-draggers and infuriatingly positive mental attitudes. Finally, I’ve found the class for me. FIVE STARS”

“A  breathtakingly beautiful class, the DeROSE METHOD helps to develop your performance, resulting in increased strength, power, flexibility, balance and concentration.”

“By the end of one class I feel as if I have entered a secret club that could possibly change my life forever, if only I let it.”

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